Show jumping Organisers

Katie Wright  organises all show jumping rallies,  along with Area team selection and team training. Rallies include polework, gridwork and course jumping, along with more specific techniques such as distances, competition training and jump offs.

Show jumping rallies and training

Show jumping rallies and training are for everyone, from cross poles upwards, but you don’t have to want to compete to attend. These sessions will include all aspects of jumping from the all important foundations of jumping, pole work/raised poles to grid work as well as walking courses, distances, turns, jump offs and rules! You don’t have to be in a team to come to these sessions.

Show jumping Teams

To compete in teams you will need to have attended a minimum of 3 jumping rallies in the current year. You will be expected to sign a code of conduct form prior to taking part in a team competition and failure to do so will result in not being able to compete in teams. Teams are such fun for the children and parents too, and it is great to watch the children encourage and support their fellow team mates.
How to get involved in teams? Simply book in to some rallies to meet the minimum of 3 rallies criteria. Competition dates and schedules will be circulated around the branch throughout the year by Katie via e-mail, facebook and posted on our website calendar. Let them know you are interested in being selected for a team or to ride as an individual. Teams will then be chosen and if you have been selected you will be informed and asked to pay the entry fees accordingly. Team selections are not done at ordinary working rallies. It is important for members to attend as many jumping rallies as possible so the instructors can see combinations and their progress and also to gain experience and be able to jump with confidence when attending an event and not feel out of their comfort zone. The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance and we will not take what we consider to be unnecessary risks by over facing either horse or rider.

Show Jumping Rules

It is strongly recommended that you buy a copy of the appropriate discipline Rule Book(s) so that you always have it to hand for your competitions. All rule books are available from The Pony Club Shop at a cost of £3.00 If you have any queries on rulings please contact Katie for clarification