Achievement Badges and Efficiency Tests

Rally Organisers

E,D and D+ level training and tests are organised by Michelle Beckett

C and C+ level training and tests are organised by Rachael Turner.

B test and upwards is organised by Rachael Turner.

Michelle and Rachael arrange training and rallies for members working towards their Pony Club Efficiency tests. They also arrange or co-ordinate our Test Days in conjunction with our Chief Instructor Sonia Chittenden. Rallies are advertised on the SDHE PC events calendar so please book and pay online. Whilst the SDHE PC branch is keen to see its members working towards and taking their tests, we are an inclusive branch and these rallies are also open to members who aren’t necessarily wanting to sit a test but wishing to improve their standard of riding and horse and pony care.


The Pony Club offers Mini Achievement Badges for our younger members as well as both Equine and Non-Equine Achievement Badges. Both types of  badge will help members learn a wide range of skills like first-aid, farming, map reading, saddlery, road safety and grooming.

There are 22 Mini Achievement Badges, 35 Equine Achievement Badges, 14 Non-Equine Achievement Badges, 9 Introduction to Competition Badges associated with each discipline and 9 Competition Badges associated with each discipline.


The Pony Club Training structure encourages members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind, to help members become practical and knowledgeable riders and proficient in caring for horses and ponies.

These range from the new ‘E’ Test to the ‘A’  Test and include the Riding and Road Safety Test.

We run Pony Club Efficiency rallies throughout the year and schedule test days when appropriate. Members may have the opportunity to take their E and D Test at Junior Camp.   Details can be found LINK TO ACHIEVEMENT BADGES ON PARENT PAGE. Check our calendar to see when rallies will be running.